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Iron Sky & Final Day of the EPL Season

Iron Sky posterLast night was a fairly eventful night. We started off by going to Southbank to see Iron Sky, which strangely enough, Des really wanted to see after hearing good things about it.

For the unaware, the premise is this: in 1945 Nazis went to the moon and set up a civilisation there to eventually come back and retake the Earth. It's a comedy, and whilst it dragged in portions, it was a very good laugh, but a lot of the jokes will probably only be understood by geek/nerd culture enthusiasts.

The special effects, including a pretty significant space battle, were fantastic for such a low-budget movie, which was apparently shot on the Gold Coast for the studio work. It's definitely worth a watch if you're into funny sci-fi.

Last week we also saw Dark Shadows, which is the latest Johnny Depp/Tim Burton film. Before I get to the movie, surely Tim Burton can cast other actors in a movie? Why always Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter? It really is getting quite tired. The movie itself though, was pretty enjoyable but did have it's shortcomings. I've never seen the TV series it was based off, so I really can't comment on how it related to that.

Depp was his usual weird and quirky role, no surprises there, same with Helena Bonham Carter. For me the stand-out performance was not Depp, but Eva Green. She portrayed her psychotically-lovestruck witch character flawlessly. The plot did have it's stops and starts, as well as some peculiar inclusions that seemed unnecessary, but in hindsight it might have been trying to satisfy some themes/devices in reference to the original material from the TV series.

Last night was also the final day of the English Premier League season. Arsenal got very lucky to finish in third and qualify for next season's Champions League. It was also one of the most exciting finishes at the top in over twenty years, with the oil money of Manchester City first throwing away the title, then just to score two goals in stoppage time to claim it back.

My thoughts on City (and also Chelsea) are well known in terms of them being cashed-up overnight from new billionaire owners. It's quite ridiculous and extraordinary that they've now won the Premier League after only being promoted to it in 2002, and before the Arab buyout never finishing higher than 8th in League and regularly being in the bottom half of the table. Money can buy trophies, and added to the unfairness is that City were gifted their newish stadium for nothing in 2003 after the Commonwealth Games were done in Manchester. In comparison, clubs like Arsenal have had to earn their success, and privately fund their own stadium constructions from solid real-world revenues, rather than being gifted them by governments and/or billionaire owners.

I think that's enough football ranting for today. Happy St. Totteringham's Day nevertheless! 😉

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