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Feed Fixed & Thrashed

RSSA few will recall me hunting around for a online RSS aggregator but not liking Google Reader because it didn't display my blog's feed correctly.

Well i really really liked what they did with the latest version of the service, and I really wanted to use it because I use a few other things with Google, and i wouldn't mind using Reader as well. So I invested a little time in trying to figure out what Google Reader didn't like with my blog feed, found it (relating to relative URLs), and promptly fixed it. Well, not really 'fixed it' because there was nothing that was really wrong with it in the first place (other RSS readers had no problems), but more so made Google Reader happy.

So if anyone else uses, or wants to use Google Reader, this blog's feed should display correctly in it now.

It caps off a bit of spring cleaning for this site, after last weeks redesign and this weeks tidy up. I still have a few other things in my sights, but i think i'll take a bit of a break from trawling through code. I sort-of enjoy it though. I say "sort-of" because for the most part, doing and fixing stuff in code is a very frustrating and time-consuming process (at least for me), but after you achieve the result you are looking for it is extremely satisfying.

Tonight's game at indoor was another shocker. Although i was confident I could do better than last week's disgusting attempt at playing, I did, but not that much better. Tonight's game was the last of the regular season before the finals, and we had to avoid defeat to make them.

We were totally outplayed and lost 8-1. After starting off the season in 1st position, after this result we completed our slide down the table and out of the finals positions, finishing in 5th. Terrible stuff, and really disappointing. It sort of reminds me of Arsenal pipping spurs to the fourth Champions League spot in the final game of last season, but this time I was on the bad end rather than the good one.

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