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Moving into the house

Well it finally happened. In the past week selling the unit has been settled and we have moved out and into the (hopefully intermediate) house. It's a bit strange, and not only because it's a new place to live after spending the first five years of our marriage in the unit; strangely enough, the house is actually a lot smaller than the unit.

Moving was not a lot of fun, especially because I couldn't really do much at all following the surgery (i only got my stitches out yesterday). I was sort of the site manager telling everyone what to … Read more →

Crysis 2 & Surgery

Crysis 2 boxI know it's a few weeks late, but i've played through the next big gaming release of the year: Crysis 2. Overall i'd have to say i'm a bit disappointed.

Although the visuals of the game were pretty amazing, they didn't really have the same 'wow' effect that the first game did about 4 years ago.

The plot in the game was also pretty pathetic. They barely made any reference to the storyline of the first game (which ended without much closure at all), rather just sweeping it under the rug hoping that no-one would really notice, and changing … Read more →

Inspections, de Blob 2, Tests

de Blob 2It's been a hectic few weeks. The past two weeks has seen our first set of real-estate inspections for the unit. Part of me is hoping it'll sell quickly, and the other part hopes it won't happen too soon. I can't say i'm looking forward to moving properly to the other house.

Last week also saw me go to hospital for another ERCP. The procedure went ok, but the initial results don't sound too promising; i'll wait until seeing the Doctors properly before getting too much into it. Nevertheless, prayers for me are still very much appreciated.

The past few … Read more →

Getting Ready, Anniversary, Indoor

New RAMA lot has been happening accommodation-wise recently. The new house is rapidly being prepared, and that means we are cleaning and tidying up the unit in anticipation of putting it on the market in the near future.

It's really sad doing this though; we've loved living in this unit for the past five years, and i think it's going to be very emotional when we do actually move out.

For my birthday recently, one gift that I did get was some awesome new RAM for The Cannon. It's faster RAM and has awesome timings, and the blue heatsinks are … Read more →

Cyclones, LBP2, Birthdays

Cyclone Yasi satellite shotAs if devastating flooding wasn't enough for mother nature to unleash on this state already this year, last week north Queensland copped the brunt of Yasi, one of the largest cyclones to hit this country in recorded history.

The upside was that it looks like the only casualty from the cyclone was an unfortunate man who suffocated whilst using a petrol-powered generator indoors (unfortunate, but probably a Darwin Award nominee :S).

This past week i got Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3. What is note-worthy about me playing through this game is that I did it entirely co-op … Read more →

Old Newspapers, History Repeats

Telegraph 1970: The deluge that almost submerged BrisbaneYesterday we spent much of the morning doing some prep-work at the house before plasterers, tilers, painters, and cabinet-makers start doing their thing.

This involved ripping out the old carpet in some rooms, and below the underlay there were some great old-time newspapers dating back to 1970 that were put down when the house was built.

It's great having a look over the old papers and seeing the articles and ads from the time. In going over them, one particularly relevant article caught my eye (see inset): titled 'The deluge that almost submerged Brisbane', it's an article about the 1893 … Read more →

Weddings & Koumbari

Andrew and Sarah's WeddingOn Sunday Despina and I were koumbari (or sponsors/best man/matron of honour) at Andrew and Sarah's wedding.

It was a really great day, and a great experience too. It's the first time either of us have been koumbari, and i think I managed to pull it off without stuffing up too much.

The only hickup on the day was the groom forgetting the rings (which is usually the best man's responsibility, but I was relieved of this much earlier on in the planning process ;)), but other than that everything went really well.

I'm pretty sure I did the stefana … Read more →

Recovery: The Flood Cleanup Begins

Brisbane Flood CleanupThe waters in Brisbane are receding, and for now the flood is largely over. The waters peaked on Thursday morning, and thankfully they peaked about 1 metre lower than the authorities were fearing. It didn't quite get up to the 1974 levels and this made the difference for a lot of people, but for many others their homes were still very much inundated.

The metre made the difference for my brother's house in Rocklea: it meant that the water stayed underneath his house and thankfully didn't get up to the floorboards of his living level.

At work the floods inundated … Read more →

Disaster: Brisbane Starts to Flood

Brisbane floodsI'm typing this entry quite distressed and tired. There's no other way to describe what's happening in Brisbane at the moment other than an unfolding 'disaster' in the true sense of the word. The whole city next to the river is beginning to flood in truly epic proportions.

When people were saying in the days before today that it could get as high as the fabled 1974 floods, i admit that i thought it was all media hype and exaggeration. Watching what is happening today, i have no doubt about that any more.

The amount of water coming down the … Read more →

Data Centres & Rain, Rain, More Rain

It's been raining here like crazy over the past few days and weeks. The floods further west and north of the state have been devastating for entire communities. I really encourage everybody to give what they can to the flood relief appeal.

Although all this rain has dampened many peoples summer (quite literally), I for one am loving the lower than usual temperatures it has brought this season. I'm pretty sure you can count the number of 30+ degree days we've had this summer on one hand, and we're almost half way through the season. It's really quite unprecedented … Read more →