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Moving into the house

Well it finally happened. In the past week selling the unit has been settled and we have moved out and into the (hopefully intermediate) house. It's a bit strange, and not only because it's a new place to live after spending the first five years of our marriage in the unit; strangely enough, the house is actually a lot smaller than the unit.

Moving was not a lot of fun, especially because I couldn't really do much at all following the surgery (i only got my stitches out yesterday). I was sort of the site manager telling everyone what to put where. We got removalists to move all the big furniture, and the rest we did ourselves.

It's a bit strange living in this new place, as of course we haven't lived anywhere else together except for the unit. The house is a bit cold for my liking, but i'd definitely prefer it that way than other way around.

We still have to properly settle in, but if things go to plan, hopefully we won't be spending too much time here...

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