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Getting On With It

I played indoor for the first time since the surgery last week and also today. I spent both matches goal-keeping throughout, and one thing I seem to be making a habit of in all my matches goalkeeping is turning the ball back into our own goal.

They aren't own-goals per-se (they are more deflections), but still incredibly frustrating. In today's incident, I made a good save, turning the ball onto the post, but the ball bounced back off the post and hit the arm that I saved the ball with and then went straight back into the goal :(. Very frustrating.

We won both games semi-convincingly and look destined for another finals series at the moment.

We're still settling into the house, the internet here seems to be a lot more stable and faster than the unit. I seem to be getting speeds of around 1.6 MB/s, which is fantastic.

It definitely seems good enough to play stuff online, which I am very happy with. Portal 2 was released recently. It was definitely a great game, and I especially loved J.K. Simmons voice-acting as Cave Johnson. I'm still playing through the co-op now and definitely enjoying it.

I wouldn't really rate it as a near-perfect game that most of the reviewers have done. It's a decent step forward from the first game, and my only big criticism of it would be that the challenges were probably a bit too easy compared with the first one, but that could be down to being more familiar with the mechanics of the portals in the game.

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