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The Best and Worst of 2011

So my traditional critical wrap of the year is once again upon us. As a result of all the house building, this year I haven't really played many games at all, so that part of this review might be a little underdone. Balancing that out, this year Des and I went and saw a lot of movies, both theatrically and at home. At my count (which I think is still a little short), we've seen 35 movies released this year.

Anyway, here we go:


The Adventures of TintinBest Movie: The Adventures of Tintin

This one was a tough one because no movie really jumped out at me as the best this year (maybe because we saw so many). In previous years it was always an easy decision, but this year there were a lot of average movies, a lot of 'good' ones, but none that were really fantastic. Tintin was probably one that I really enjoyed despite its faults, it felt like an animated Indiana Jones-esque adventure, and visually was great. But for me Snowy made the movie 😉
Honourable Mentions: The Help, Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Worst Movie: tie between Bridesmaids and Friends with Benefits

I couldn't decide between these two for the worst movie of the year, but if I really had to choose I'd go with Bridesmaids by a hair. As a male watching that movie it was unfunny and totally unenjoyable. I didn't laugh that many times at all, and would really like those two hours of my life back

Friends with Benefits was almost equally as bad, again being largely unfunny. During the movie they stated they wanted to not follow the film cliches of relationships with sex, yet somehow the whole movie ended up being full of huge cliches, and unfortunately being released after the extremely similar and somewhat better No Strings Attached didn't help.
Honourable mentions for worst movie: New Years Eve


As mentioned previously, I haven't really played that many games this year, but here's what I did play.

Best Games:

PC: My PC games playing this year was definitely very thin, but from the little that I have played of it, i'll go out on a limb and say the best game I have this year is Battlefield 3.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward sword screenshotWii: Pretty much the only game I have played on the Wii this year is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and it is a really great game (although I haven't finished it yet!).

PS3: This was a tight one, as I both thoroughly enjoyed Little Big Planet 2 (especially playing online coop with a few people), as well as Lego Star Wars 3. I'd have to say i'd pick LBP2 by a shade.
Honourable Mention: De Blob 2

Worst Games:

PC: Probably not the worst ever game, but pretty disappointing, was Crysis 2. The plot was very ordinary, and although the graphics were awesome, the jump wasn't as mind-blowing as the original Crysis was. The gameplay was average and repetitive, and the dumbing down of the openness for the consoles really showed.

Wii: NA

PS3: None really

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