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Back In Town, Christmas in Sydney

Last night we flew back into Brisbane after spending Christmas down in Sydney with our relatives there.

It's our first flights together since going over to Europe in 2008, and the first time we've spent Christmas somewhere other than Brisbane since we've been married. We were only down there for six days, but it didn't feel too long or too short.

We did a few things while we were down there, but on Tuesday we went into the city to try and see the 'Art of the Brick' Lego art exhibition, only to discover that whilst the rest of the city was open for business, it wasn't open on public holidays (Tuesday being the delayed Christmas one). There were many others like us going up to the Town Hall building dismayed to find that it was closed.

It's ironic that many are complaining of tourism dollars drying up when in our case a public exhibition isn't open on a day when most are on holidays and the rest of the city is trading. Added to that, there was nothing on any website that I could see notifying people that it was going to be closed on that day.

I continued my tradition of seeing a Boxing Day movie in Sydney (the last was Return of the King in 2003) by going and seeing The Adventures of Tintin. I very much enjoyed it and would have to be one of the best movies i've seen this year. The animation was great, the plot was decent, and it didn't hurt that I loved Tintin as a kid. I'm still not decided on what the best one was, but i'll make my mind up for my traditional 'Best and Worst' entry.

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