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The Home Stretch

It looks like we're entering the home stretch in the construction of our house (see what I did there? ;)). Although it didn't look like it two weeks ago, everything seems to be coming together and most will be done before Christmas.

I really can't wait for it all to be finished (it's looking like we'll be moving in in January), the early starts and now the increasing temperatures are starting to take their toll. Although, the past week has been awesome in terms of temperatures, apparently we've had one of the coolest starts to summer in recorded history, and I of course was absolutely loving it. It seems today that things are going back to normal summer-ish temperatures though...

After getting my new phone around a month ago, I am really liking it. Typing with the SwiftKey keyboard app is a pure joy and has removed any of my typing-related apprehensions on moving to a touch-based keyboard.

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