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Lucas the Builder

Lucas the builderIn the past three weeks the construction of our house has well and truly gotten underway. I am a bit surprised that I have actually gotten practically involved in the process too! I have helped fix some of the FC sheets to the side of the house, and for this IT desk-tied geek, that is quite an accomplishment.

I have also gotten some new gadgets which will populate the to-be-finished house, but I think I will leave those for a latter dedicated entry.

Edit 2011-10-25 16:56: Looks like i was getting a little cocky, i did this today: (I won't … Read more →

10 Years On: My Experience of September 11 2001

CNN Screen Grab of Breaking News on September 11It's a bit hard to believe that it's been 10 years since the world-changing event that was September 11 2001. I thought it might be suitable to blog the interesting moments of how I spent that day, which in Australia largely unfolded on Wednesday the 12th of September.

As an 18 year old in my first year of uni at UQ, I had gone to bed pretty early on the Tuesday night, as I had an early 8am morning lecture the next day. I woke up early on Wednesday the 12th of September, went downstairs to have breakfast, and I … Read more →

Illness Update Part 3

It's been almost a year since I have posted an update on my illness (see part 1 and part 2), and the main reason for the long update interval is that there has been a lot of confusion, especially around the beginning of the year, as to a solid diagnosis.

Other than the surgery earlier this year to remove a loosely related infection, and another ERCP shortly before that, I have thankfully managed to stay out of hospital this year.

In the last 'update', I said that I had probably been misdiagnosed in terms of originally being thought to … Read more →

Internode Pricing Woes & Construction Begins…

Recently it's been very disappointing to see my ISP, Internode, revising it's Naked ADSL plans in a very downwards direction. The price-point that I'm on now ($60/month) fetched me 70GB of quota when i signed up just over a year ago, then later last year moved up to 150GB for the same price. Now they're making users on that plan pay an extra $10/month to keep the same quota, or take up the new plan at the same $60 price-point which only includes a measly 30GB of quota.

Partly the reasons given for this almost unprecedented decrease in value is … Read more →

Getting On With It

I played indoor for the first time since the surgery last week and also today. I spent both matches goal-keeping throughout, and one thing I seem to be making a habit of in all my matches goalkeeping is turning the ball back into our own goal.

They aren't own-goals per-se (they are more deflections), but still incredibly frustrating. In today's incident, I made a good save, turning the ball onto the post, but the ball bounced back off the post and hit the arm that I saved the ball with and then went straight back into the goal :(. Very … Read more →

Moving into the house

Well it finally happened. In the past week selling the unit has been settled and we have moved out and into the (hopefully intermediate) house. It's a bit strange, and not only because it's a new place to live after spending the first five years of our marriage in the unit; strangely enough, the house is actually a lot smaller than the unit.

Moving was not a lot of fun, especially because I couldn't really do much at all following the surgery (i only got my stitches out yesterday). I was sort of the site manager telling everyone what to … Read more →

Crysis 2 & Surgery

Crysis 2 boxI know it's a few weeks late, but i've played through the next big gaming release of the year: Crysis 2. Overall i'd have to say i'm a bit disappointed.

Although the visuals of the game were pretty amazing, they didn't really have the same 'wow' effect that the first game did about 4 years ago.

The plot in the game was also pretty pathetic. They barely made any reference to the storyline of the first game (which ended without much closure at all), rather just sweeping it under the rug hoping that no-one would really notice, and changing … Read more →

Inspections, de Blob 2, Tests

de Blob 2It's been a hectic few weeks. The past two weeks has seen our first set of real-estate inspections for the unit. Part of me is hoping it'll sell quickly, and the other part hopes it won't happen too soon. I can't say i'm looking forward to moving properly to the other house.

Last week also saw me go to hospital for another ERCP. The procedure went ok, but the initial results don't sound too promising; i'll wait until seeing the Doctors properly before getting too much into it. Nevertheless, prayers for me are still very much appreciated.

The past few … Read more →

Getting Ready, Anniversary, Indoor

New RAMA lot has been happening accommodation-wise recently. The new house is rapidly being prepared, and that means we are cleaning and tidying up the unit in anticipation of putting it on the market in the near future.

It's really sad doing this though; we've loved living in this unit for the past five years, and i think it's going to be very emotional when we do actually move out.

For my birthday recently, one gift that I did get was some awesome new RAM for The Cannon. It's faster RAM and has awesome timings, and the blue heatsinks are … Read more →

Cyclones, LBP2, Birthdays

Cyclone Yasi satellite shotAs if devastating flooding wasn't enough for mother nature to unleash on this state already this year, last week north Queensland copped the brunt of Yasi, one of the largest cyclones to hit this country in recorded history.

The upside was that it looks like the only casualty from the cyclone was an unfortunate man who suffocated whilst using a petrol-powered generator indoors (unfortunate, but probably a Darwin Award nominee :S).

This past week i got Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3. What is note-worthy about me playing through this game is that I did it entirely co-op … Read more →