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Birthday Goals & BF3

So begins the last year of my 20s. I'm really not looking forward leaving my 20s behind, so I guess i'm going to have to make the best of the year ahead.

My birthday yesterday went really well for the most part. I stayed up late the night before and kicked off my birthday watching Arsenal pummel Blackburn 7-1 with the cherry on top being a Thierry Henry Premier League goal. It's been a long long time since Arsenal won big like that (at least a season or two ago), so it was a really enjoyable game to watch. It's … Read more →

The Return of a Legend: Henry

I haven't blogged much about Arsenal (the English Football Club) in recent years, and I guess the lessened amount of blogging of the club that I support reflects their drop in the footballing hierarchy in the past five or so years.

However every now and then something special happens. This morning it was the return of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry on a short-term loan during the American football off-season. He hadn't played for Arsenal since 2007, and the hastily organised loan is meant to fill some of the striking deficiencies temporarily.

In watching the game on my computer this morning … Read more →

VMware Geekness, EPL, Cowboys and Aliens

VMware PlayerOther than for work, I've been playing around with virtual machines for quite a while. I use them mainly to test out operating systems that I am interested in, notably on this blog the release candidates for the previous two Windows releases. I also use them to try software and other stuff that might be dodgy so I don't expose my 'real' computer to threats.

I've been using VMware Workstation which is VMware's flagship and somewhat-costly product for workstation testing and trialling. However, I didn't know that sometime recently that VMware opened up their free 'Player' software to include a … Read more →

Getting On With It

I played indoor for the first time since the surgery last week and also today. I spent both matches goal-keeping throughout, and one thing I seem to be making a habit of in all my matches goalkeeping is turning the ball back into our own goal.

They aren't own-goals per-se (they are more deflections), but still incredibly frustrating. In today's incident, I made a good save, turning the ball onto the post, but the ball bounced back off the post and hit the arm that I saved the ball with and then went straight back into the goal :(. Very … Read more →

Getting Ready, Anniversary, Indoor

New RAMA lot has been happening accommodation-wise recently. The new house is rapidly being prepared, and that means we are cleaning and tidying up the unit in anticipation of putting it on the market in the near future.

It's really sad doing this though; we've loved living in this unit for the past five years, and i think it's going to be very emotional when we do actually move out.

For my birthday recently, one gift that I did get was some awesome new RAM for The Cannon. It's faster RAM and has awesome timings, and the blue heatsinks are … Read more →