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Euro 2012 Summary

Spain win Euro 2012This morning was the Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy. Spain ended up winning it in a 4-0 rout after two early goals had given them the advantage, and the Italian manager took a huge gamble in using all his subs in the 55th minute with one of them going off injured not long after. It meant that Italy had to try to recover a two goal deficit with one man down against the best possession team on the planet.

It was never going to happen, and the Spanish just passed it around them, tired them out, and scored two extra goals without too much resistance.

It's an epic win for Spain, becoming the first ever team to be able to defend the European Championship and win the three major international tournaments on the trot. Although they looked a little far from convincing in the group and knockout stages, they were always in control this morning's final.

I think Mario Balotelli's tears might up there with Ronaldo's at giving me some loser-viewing satisfaction. He behaved like the brat he is in this morning's game; he's the type of spoilt player that is fine when things are going for him, but when they're against him he's like a big angry child sulking and throwing tantrums. He's got skill, but his attitude might ruin his career.

Other than the final, the tournament overall was a pretty lacklustre one in my opinion. A lot of low scoring cagey games from teams more afraid of losing than going for the win, and a few more penalty shootouts than I would like meant that it overall it was a largely sub-par tournament with relatively few highlights.

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