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Arsenal Win the FA Cup, Yet Again

Last night, for the fourth time in seven years, Arsenal won the FA Cup. It's almost becoming tedious with the ease at which they win it 😜. 14 times in total now, they should just rename it the 'Arsenal trophy' 😄

Once again, Arsenal were the underdogs, but once again they proved the odds and the pundits wrong.

They again defeated Chelsea, with the same 2-1 scoreline as 3 years ago. Other than the first 10 minutes, Arsenal were well worth the win. Nothing went right in the game for Chelsea. They lost three players to bad injuries, and conceded a penalty.

The whole Arsenal team played really well, but of course Aubameyang's two goals—the second of which was an absolute peach of a finish—means that he takes most of the recognition.

It was really weird seeing the teams play in an empty Wembley Stadium, and somewhat weirder there being no royal greeting before the match, and that the players had to go and get their medals and trophy themselves. That's the time in which we live. 🤷‍♂️

Speaking of other changes, this is the first time I've had to watch the game on subscription TV. Up until 2017—including the last time that Arsenal won it—the FA Cup final was on the Australian anti-siphoning list. This meant that the game could not be exclusively broadcast on subscription services, and must also be on free-to-air TV.

It was quite disappointing to find out that it wasn't being broadcast on SBS this year. Lucky for us, the sports streaming service Kayo has a 14 day free trial at the moment, so we could still watch the game via ESPN's coverage without spending any money.

It also meant I watched a bit of baseball yesterday, most notably the Yankees v. Red Sox game. I really do miss watching baseball, and I'm actually tempted to consider a Kayo or subscription in the future.

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