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Belated World Cup 2014 Post

Germany win World Cup 2014My new Lego addiction has meant there hasn't been much time for blogging, but I am determined to catch up!

Firstly, a very belated post on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

This year's World Cup was one of the best football tournaments I have had the pleasure of watching. Other than the (mostly) fantastically good match times for us down here in Australia, the football itself was also a joy to watch.

Not many teams had boring defensive strategies in mind, and nearly all seemed to want to have a crack at the opposition, regardless of stature. That made for some very entertaining football, and the tournament showed this in the stat of it equaling the record of the 1998 World Cup in terms of the overall number of goals scored.

Australia suffered a predictable exit, but there were some highlights: most notably Timmy Cahill's fantastic goal against the Netherlands. However, the most memorable match of the tournament was Germany's absolute thrashing 7-1 semi-final humiliation of the hosts.

I don't think many expected Brazil to win that match, but the way they lost it was astonishing and unprecedented. It was like hearing an inappropriate joke or watching someone fall over in public: you know you shouldn't laugh or look, but you just can't help yourself.

In the end, Germany vs. Argentina was a worthy match-up for the final. I actually missed the first half by incorrectly assuming the final started at the same time the semi-finals did. I heard it was a good half, but the second half seemed cagey and nervous. Overall the Germans were the better team, and just as it looked like penalties were inevitable, Goetze's well-taken effort was a fitting winner.

I was happy that Arsenal's German contingent won the competition, and that Manchester City's Argentine contingent lost, so let's hope that that pattern transfers to the coming Premier League season.

The other big talking point of the tournament was the human headline that is Luis Suarez. Third time's a charm when biting people on the football pitch, and I maintain my relief of Arsenal dodging a bullet by not being able to sign him last season. Despite his obvious talent, he is and continues to be a thoroughly despicable footballer. The fact that Barcelona have signed him is fitting imo; a classless player for a classless club.

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