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2014: Year In Review

Another year gone in the blink of an eye! Overall, it was a great year. Settling into a job I love with great people, spiralling out of control into a Lego addiction, as well as taking the first steps of procreation!

Blog writing was very thin this year, but nevertheless, here is the highlights of this year's blog posts:


  • 10 Years of Blogging!: Big milestone! Also a great summary of the history of this website (and my life too!).


  • Game Endings: A good rant on why video game endings don't have to be happy and conclusive, but it needs a lot of work to pull it off.
  • 1 Year as a Technical Writer: A summary of my career transition into technical writing.




  • Lego New and Old: Getting out my old Lego, and this technical writer's analysis of the set instructions over the years.




2015 is going to have some big changes!

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