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New Mobile: Nokia 5300

Nokia 5300I have a new mobile phone. Continuing on from the previous entry about getting the thing delivered to me, i'll tell the story of how we got here.

Many will remember my now previous phone, the Samsung D500. For the unaware, here is a short history of my experience with it in blog entries: getting it; it breaking; them not repairing it under the warranty and me writing them a letter; me getting the repaired phone back; and finally, their very late reply to my letter. As you can see, I wasn't really happy with this phone or the Samsung company.

This May, the contract which that phone was bought under is expiring, and a few weeks ago my phone company (B Digital/Soul) sent me a letter containing some 'customer loyalty' upgrade deals on a few new phones with a new contract. By 'customer loyalty deal' we can safely assume it really means 'lock in customer for more time so they can give us more money'.

Anywho, I was pretty eager to get rid of the Samsung and get a new phone, so this presented a way to get a new phone as well as cut off a few months from the contract that I currently had with them without paying a penalty.

I knew what I had wanted in a phone, I was definitely going back to a Nokia. The Samsung was my first venture away from Nokia phones, and I don't really like either the Motorollas or the Sony Erricsons. I liked the slide phones and I wanted it as small as possible, but definitely no bigger than my current phone.

One of the deals that was sent to me was the Nokia 5300, in which I would be moved onto a capped plan (pay a set amount each month, get a lot of included included calls) and a small mobile repayment fee, which added together equalled the amount that I was paying per month anyway. So I could get a new phone, which satisfied the above criteria, and also more value for the same amount per month.

I jumped at the opportunity, and eventually got the phone on Friday. My first impressions were that the phone is definitely not perfect. Although overall it is pretty good, there are some things that I think will really frustrate me.

Firstly, is that the phone doesn't automatically lock itself when you slide it closed, which I would think is just common sense. Secondly the software that comes with it is very buggy, but still a heck a lot better than the poorly translated Samsung stuff. The phone is marketed as an mp3 playing music phone, but i'm not really interested in that side of it.

Hopefully I will end up having a much better experience with this phone than the last one, but only time will tell.

To life-blogging, I've had a pretty good weekend after the crap working week last week. Saturday day was spent doing stuff I can't remember, and Saturday night after Church we all went bowling for a surprise for Des whose birthday it was in the past week. I actually managed to keep a lid on the surprise for once! In bowling, I was absolutely crap. I think the practice in Wii bowling has made my real-bowling abilities totally disappear. It was a really fun night though.

Today we watched Finding Forrester which I had recently acquired on DVD, and then did more on the Bribie website. This afternoon began the trials for indoor football, I played really bad for some reason, be conceding possession for both their goals in a 2-2 draw.

2 thoughts on “New Mobile: Nokia 5300”

  1. Finding a phone that you like can be a pain in the butt. I had a little Samsung and it was okay but there were things about it that annoyed me.

    I've now got one of those sexy Motorola flip ones, bought it in Shanghai for like 200 aussie dollars, but there's a lot about it that annoy me too!

    Who knows, I could go back to Nokia very soon....

  2. Yeah i'm pretty fussy with all things technological. With so much variety out there most people shouldn't have to settle for second-rate garbage.


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