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New Mobile Phone & Bribie Trip

Haven't blogged in a while, been quite busy and haven't had enough time to sit and type out an entry until now.

A few eventful things have happened in the past few days. First of all, I've got a new mobile phone: the Samsung D500. Quite a nifty little phone. I really wanted a new phone to replace my old Nokia 8310, and i wanted one with at least a VGA camera, bluetooth, good battery life, not a flip open or clamshell one (just personal preference), and not be any larger than the 8310, which is really quite small. Most good phones out there satisfy the first 4 points, but come nowhere near to being as small as my 8310: until I saw this one. The D500 happens to be so small because it is a 'slider' phone in that the top half slides over the keypad to make it really small. One reason why I bought it is so i can take photos of all the funny things that I see during a day that I would like to show on this blog but never have a camera handy.

In terms of price the D500 sells for about ~$800 outright, which was way too high for me. Ended up getting the phone for $180 on Optus connecting through B Mobile on a $33 dollar plan for 24 months. Surprisingly, the phone was almost 2.5 times more expensive on the closest plan available from Optus direct!

Friday night went to Bible study, and afterwards everyone surprisingly came out and saw Star Wars with me and Despina.

Played with my new toy for a bit on Saturday, went to Church that night going to the Kebab place for dinner. Andrew remarked that the outing was not nearly as theological as it has been of late, which was a welcome relief on my exhausted brain.

On Sunday we went up to the Chapel at Bribie Island for a service. A few people came, and I used my new phone to take photos which can be seen in the Gallery. Left there early to play soccer in which we lost 4-1, mainly because we didn't have any subs and they were a really good passing and running team.

Monday and today went to work as normal. Monday night played mixed futsal. Lost the game 4-2 mainly because of the same reason as indoor: no subs and tired legs. Despina played really well and even scored again! The ball hit her straight in the stomach and rolled in the net. I scored our second.

I had wanted to get a Bluetooth USB adapter for my laptop so I could upload images etc from my new phone because the phone did not come with any cables. After fussing around with HT, who said they did, did but in WA, then didn't have the one I wanted over the net, tonight I went and bought it from Harvey Norman in the City after work for $80.

Ran into Tim in the city, while looking at the installation instructions for the D-Link Bluetooth adapter that I bought. Then he mistook Bluetooth for Infrared, which set off an alarm in my head: 'wait a minute, my phone can send stuff over Infrared... hold on a second, my laptop has an infrared port!'. Got home and successfully transferred files from my phone to my laptop using infrared. Not happy, as I had already opened the Bluetooth adapter.

Granted Bluetooth is way better than Infrared (infrared relies on line-of-sight connection for about a metre, while Bluetooth work wirelessly anywhere for about ten metres with this adapter). After playing around for a bit, i've found that the Infrared is good for transferring 1 or 2 files, but for anything more, the Bluetooth is better as it's way faster and can do a bulk of files much easier.

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