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Honeymoon’s Over

Tomorrow I go back to work after the wedding, after having come back from the honeymoon last Friday. Needless to say, the past week and a bit has been very very hectic.

Both me and Des have had to properly move out of out of our respective former homes, adjust to the time-zone, and move into our unit whilst simultaneously learning how to look after ourselves (i.e. cooking, cleaning, etc etc) for the very first time.

Like the wedding and honeymoon, the past week has also been a blur. I'll try to summarise at least the highlights.

When you have lived in the same house and in the same room for all your life, you really realise how much stuff you have accumulated when you attempt to move it. I have really only moved all the necessary stuff at the moment: clothes, computer, etc. hehe

As is probably obvious, we finally had the internet connected to the place (see the previous episode in the saga). The body-corp motion was approved whilst we were away on honeymoon (only one other owner other than myself voted on it; obviously it was a 'yes'), which had me very relieved. After a lot of wrangling with Telstra and the technician, he finally came over and did the install.

I'm quite surprised by the speed of the connection. At home we had Telstra cable and with a Motorola Surfboard 4200 modem i got about a 600KB/s max download. Now at the unit with the newer Motorola Surfboard 5101, i can get over 1100KB/s, which is almost double the speed. Quite happy with that.

I've set up the computer with a router and hooked up the Engin phone, which will serve as our primary phone. Although with that we've had a few drop-outs (setup issues I think), it seems to be pretty good now.

Moving everything into the place has been truly exhausting, and that's not only because of the stairs we have to climb to get into the place. Unwrapping and sorting through the presents was a marathon in itself. Looking back over the past week, i'm quite amazed at the amount stuff that we have actually done.

Also of note this past week was the breaking of my mobile phone. I've only had it since May last year, and one afternoon afternoon I pull the thing out of my pocket to to see a sizable horizontal tear running across the LCD screen with all the colour bleeding out of it, but the protective plastic casing over it wasn't cracked, scratched or anything! A mobile phone (especially a camera one) without the display is clearly useless, so I wasn't too happy.

I take it back to the dealer to send it in for a warranty repair/replacement (which btw could take up to 4 weeks), only for them to tell me that the repairers could deem it to be damage caused by me. Although I doubt that that I actually did anything that much to cause the tear, if the protective plastic casing over the phone's screen can flex that much without warping or breaking to touch and tear the LCD surface beneath it, than the product is not doing it's job.

As of right now we have everything we need to survive here which is quite nice. It's still quite hard to believe all that has happened over the past few weeks, i'm not sure when everything will start to sink in.

I don't think i'm quite ready to go back to work just yet, but then again, I don't think i'll ever be! hehe

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