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Crap Week

I've had a pretty crap working week. It was generally filled with crapness, but i'll summarise below.

The week started off with pretty major network issues at the office on Monday and Tuesday. They were really only resolved once the whole server system was completely rebooted, which for the unaware is a pretty rare event for any largish business, and of course had to be done outside business hours.

I think i might have caused the problems myself by accidentally creating a loop in the network by accidentally plugging in a patched network cable into another port for about 10 seconds, but I wouldn't have expected that would bring the system to a crawl for days.

I also haven't been feeling that well nearly all week. I don't really feel sick, but more that lethargic energy-less feeling that I normally get before I get sick. Hopefully it won't develop into anything.

Added to that, I've been totally frustrated waiting for a package. Almost two weeks ago I ordered a new mobile phone from my phone company to replace the POS Samsung i currently have (entry on the new phone coming soon).

They were delivering it to me free, but the stupid moron of a trainee kid that took my call totally screwed things up. At first he couldn't get the computer to accept the address that I was getting it delivered to, and was setting it as a suburb that was half the city away. After correcting him at least twice, after consulting his supervisor for at least seven minutes he reassured me that he managed to enter the correct address in manually.

After waiting the maximum five working days that they had told me it might take to get to me, I rang them to find out that the parcel was sent to the incorrect address that the stupid kid on the phone was originally trying to convince me was the only street name in the city that I was telling him. I got the address corrected, but they told me that I would have to wait another five working days for the parcel to be redirected to me.

That was Thursday, and after squeezing a parcel tracking number out of the people on the phone (who unlike the original stupid kid were actually quite courteous and professional), I found out that the parcel had been sitting in the Brisbane depot at Banyo since last Friday, and would have been delivered to me a week ago if the address was correct. Totally frustrated, I rang the delivery people directly and arranged to pick it up personally from their depot.

So yesterday at lunch time I drove all the way to Banyo and picked the thing up myself. I'm currently playing around with it and getting it set up at the moment.

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  1. Why do you think it is crap? Sure it is different and takes some getting used to, but in my limited contact with it, I think it is a step in the right direction


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