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Almost done…

My site is neally up, making the transition from a free telstra webspace to here is taking a bit longer than expected. Finished the new intro for the site, special thanks to Despina for her assistance and patience.

Anywho, at least the blog works! (except the views count for each entry isn't quite accurate);)

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Another day…

More yard work today, and 36 degrees in the shade, let alone in the sun! These are the days that i wish i was at work or uni! Looking for a good commenting system for my site that doesn't use cgi or perl, none found. I think i might just have to go for a shoutbox instead.

One of my Christmas presents is a day calender of stupid things people have said, todays is:

Weakest link host: Which American president wrote 30 books including Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography?

Contestent: Herbert Hoover

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My first ever blog entry

As is obvious from the title, this is my first ever blog entry! I've been spending a few days configuring this thing and making sure that it works, so if anything stuffs up please contact me...

I am currently typing in pain, after spending the last few days (and probably at least a few more) helping out in the yard doing the lansdscaping, and blisters on the fingers isn't a good situation for computer geek.

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