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Relaxation at last

Well today is a good day. The landscaping is mostly complete. That means for me less exhaustive working in the yard, and now i actually can have some time to really do what holidays are meant for: nothing. Yes, just that pure indulgence of sitting on your lazy behind and just let the hours roll by.

Yesterday was a good start. Went and saw 2 movies: Welcome to the Jungle and Something's Gotta Give. The former i didn't think much of. I guess i was expecting more out of this action movie, but i guess that these days that … Read more →

Breaking it down…

The other day Rhys reminded me, in a bout of reminiscing, of a certain part of my history, that of 'breaking it down'. I know that to most people this blog entry will be greeted by a collective 'what the...?', but those who were with me at school will remember and understand this topic quite well.

Anywho, Breaking It Down: This was a short little celebration performed by me usually following a skillful or significant event during a game of handball (or wallball). After the event i would proceed to celebrate my doing this dance, usually accompanied by a vocalised … Read more →

Arnie prank call lol

Just put up the classic arnold schwarzenegger voice prank call to the gator lodge. Download it at funny stuff.

From my stupid things said calender:

[Wife] server pea soup for breakfast and dinner... and packed his lunch with pea sandwiches.
actual grounds filed in a divorce caseRead more →

Updated Blog Code

I've just updated the code behind this blog to make it more secure, so if anyone notices any stuff ups, PLEASE let me know!… Read more →

Asses kicked

Well we got our butts kicked 10-0. I hope i play better at futsal (another, better, form of indoor soccer) on Tuesday night. … Read more →

The response

Well i have been proven wrong. I thought nobody would even touch the shoutbox on my homepage. So wrong in fact that i'm looking for a new shoutbox which has better archiving utilities.

Went to a 21st party last night with despina's brother's wife's side of the family. Reminded me that i've got to start planning mine, which is coming up soon.

This afternoon is the first game of indoor soccer since the CHristmas break, i can almost feel the fat recoiling in terror at the approaching exercise... Hopefully we will win, and not suffer anymore draws and losses.

I've … Read more →

The site has landed

Well my site is now up. Took a long time because a lot of the urls i had were not in the proper case, which was fine on the telstra server, but not on this one. (i guess it serves me right for bagging them out in my intro). Add into the mess more crap, and, you get the drift.

More rocks came today for the landscaping, which had to be washed before putting them in place.

Today i also had a strange craving for a Red Rooster Strip Sub, which i promptly satisfied.

I think i'm probably staying up … Read more →

Almost done…

My site is neally up, making the transition from a free telstra webspace to here is taking a bit longer than expected. Finished the new intro for the site, special thanks to Despina for her assistance and patience.

Anywho, at least the blog works! (except the views count for each entry isn't quite accurate);)

Backbreaking labour continues.… Read more →

Another day…

More yard work today, and 36 degrees in the shade, let alone in the sun! These are the days that i wish i was at work or uni! Looking for a good commenting system for my site that doesn't use cgi or perl, none found. I think i might just have to go for a shoutbox instead.

One of my Christmas presents is a day calender of stupid things people have said, todays is:

Weakest link host: Which American president wrote 30 books including Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography?

Contestent: Herbert Hoover

Man some people are dumb.… Read more →

My first ever blog entry

As is obvious from the title, this is my first ever blog entry! I've been spending a few days configuring this thing and making sure that it works, so if anything stuffs up please contact me...

I am currently typing in pain, after spending the last few days (and probably at least a few more) helping out in the yard doing the lansdscaping, and blisters on the fingers isn't a good situation for computer geek.

Is that blood....?… Read more →