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I have finally gotten off my lazy behind and been bothered to enrol for uni this year. The courses that I have chosen are:

COMP3804 - Advanced Inf. Tech. Project (a year long course)
INFS3100 - Introduction to Information Science
HIST2100 - The Rise of Modern China
HIST2702 - The City in History

I am resuming my history major this semester, after completing my Peace and Conflict Studies major last year.

My timetable for this semester really isn't that bad (compared to previous semesters which included 9 to 6's with 4 hours break in the middle, yeesh!!). Assuming that i can sign on to the tutorials that i want to, I should get wednesdays and Fridays off...hopefully.

4 thoughts on “Enrolled”

  1. Good luck with comp3804. It's really fun . Lots and Lots of Documentation. About 80% of your time will be spent writting the SRS, the Design Documentation, the Project Plan and constantly reviewing BRS. Ah what fond memories .

  2. O yes and I had written Sarcasm beside the positive remarks but they were removed so here they are again: IT's really Fun SARCASM. Ah what fond memories SARCASM.


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