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The Final Stage Is Set

It's been pretty much the consensus since the start of this indoor football season that it would be the last that we would play at the centre. I've been playing there for about 7 years now, so it's a little sad that it's coming to end.

However the bad refereeing (which ironically hasn't been too bad this season...) and the soaring costs means that we weren't going to continue on after this season.

So it is somewhat appropriate that we've had a largely successful final campaign to date. A week ago we finished the season's proper rounds in second position; … Read more →

Heavy Rain Was Intense

Heavy RainIt's been raining pretty much non-stop here in Brisbane for the past 4 days, and i'm loving the weather.

Ironically, during this weather I acquired and played through Heavy Rain on the PS3. The weather outside was supremely suitable for the game, and made playing it that much more of an experience.

To sum it up without spoiling: it was like watching a long movie in which you were in control of the events, the character choices, and the result. The game revolves investigating and experiencing the events surrounding the "Origami Killer" who kidnaps young boys who later turn up … Read more →

Gaming Overload & Worms

There's been lots happening around here lately.

I finished Bioshock 2 last weekend, and whilst it was a very polished and decent game, it just felt very lacking in the 'impact' department storyline-wise for me to really enjoy it. Not that I sort of blame them, but part of the premise of this game's storyline I find really hard to believe that you wouldn't have heard about it during the first game if the timeline is to be believed.

This week also saw our home NAS (a D-Link DNS-323) that I bought last year brick itself during a firmware update. … Read more →

The Real Gaming Season?

I flew back into Brisbane again last night after going to another office for work for a few days again. That's the last of the flying for the time-being, which i'm very glad of.

Video Games!Ahead over the next couple of months is some really exciting gaming. The 'normal' gaming season of October - December at the end of last year was largely a let-down; the only noteworthy title I got during that period was Modern Warfare 2. Things are really looking up for the next month or so, as some highly anticipated titles for myself are approaching release.

To … Read more →

Birthday 2010

I got back from Sydney last night, I spent Wednesday through Friday down there for work. So that meant I spent most of the day of my birthday away from home. It's a first for me, and the day didn't turn out too well.

Other than not getting everything done for work that I wanted to, when I was walking to the train station from the office to go back to the airport it started bucketing down. Although I had an umbrella, that only kept my upper half dry. And carrying an overnight bag and a laptop bag didn't help.… Read more →

Lucas The Road Warrior

I spent the better half of the last week in Melbourne for work. It was an interesting change of pace, as it's the first time i've done any significant travel for work, and made slightly more tolerable by a successful trip and awesomely cool whether down there last week.

The next few weeks will see me travelling around to all the other offices as we roll out some new software that I am doing the deployment and training for. I can't say i'm really looking forward to it, but he experience will do me good.

This past weekend has also … Read more →

Building The Cannon

The Cannon buildI've been hinting in my recent facebook/Twitter updates that I was having trouble resisting buying computer parts. As it usually goes with me and this sort of thing, my resistance is typically very weak.

It's been almost three years since I put together my current desktop computer (named 'Trogdor'), and i was always planning on doing another build around my birthday this year. Considering the schedule i've got coming up with work around that time, my rationality for being a few weeks early satisfied me enough ;).

So over the past week I have assembled the parts and built a … Read more →

Awesome Week

My week off was full of lazy awesomeness. I can proudly state that I truly took this week off from reality and the rest of the world.

For the most, i spent it playing games that i've been wanting to play through again for ages. These included both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games and Bioshock.

I said back in November when MW2 came out that I wanted to play through both games back-to-back to get a more objective opinion of MW2, and now after having done that, it reinforces my original opinion. MW2 is noticeably poorer in storyline … Read more →

New Laptop, Goodbye Old Servant

Dell Vostro 1520I've had my current laptop (named 'Phantom') since February 2004. That makes it almost 6 years old, and since i got it it's been a wonderful servant over the years. It's a HP nx7010 business-line laptop, and basically the only thing i've done to it over the years is upgrade the memory.

Although the laptop is still mostly functional, i've been thinking it's about time to let it go. It doesn't have a DVD burner (it only has a DVD combo drive) and only has 'b' wireless networking. In the past 12 months the optical drive has stopped working altogether, … Read more →

The New Year & Extended Break

Welcome to the New Year everyone! New Year's for us was pretty interesting, we all went and had dinner at Amici's in Southbank before staying there to watch the fireworks.

It's the first time that I've actually been in Southbank itself to watch the fireworks. It was pretty good being so up close and personal, although the hyped 'laser' show was a little bit of a let-down.

Afterwards it turned out that my stomach didn't like the Amici's pizza I had for dinner: it was a Margarita pizza, but it was laden with oregano, and when I say laden, i … Read more →