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The Real Gaming Season?

I flew back into Brisbane again last night after going to another office for work for a few days again. That's the last of the flying for the time-being, which i'm very glad of.

Video Games!Ahead over the next couple of months is some really exciting gaming. The 'normal' gaming season of October - December at the end of last year was largely a let-down; the only noteworthy title I got during that period was Modern Warfare 2. Things are really looking up for the next month or so, as some highly anticipated titles for myself are approaching release.

To name a few, I've already bought Bioshock 2 this week (although i haven't had time to play it yet :(), and Supreme Commander 2, Aliens vs. Predator, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are also going to be released soon.

One upcoming game that is really intriguing me at the moment is Heavy Rain, soon to be released on the PS3. The concept of an interactive 'movie' type of game looks really interesting.

So overall, it finally looks like some really good gaming ahead. It was predominantly a dryish year last year gaming-wise, and by the looks of the release schedule both soon and towards the end of the year, this one is shaping up very nicely indeed.

7 thoughts on “The Real Gaming Season?”

  1. i dont' think heavy rain looks that good, it's a novel idea i'll give them that, but the integrated HUD would seem a bit annoying after a while i think

  2. buh? What HUD in Heavy Rain? I played the demo on the weekend, and there's no HUD. There's interactive prompts as you play, but it wouldn't call it a HUD.

    And i'll pass on the MMORPGs thanks

  3. the prompts (i wouldn't call it a HUD, because it ain't :P) are a much better way of control than a consistent HUD.

    I've got a pretty broad gaming spectrum, but i'm not going to flush the other spare time I have on playing MMORPGs.

  4. no you dont, you mostly play first and third person shooters and strategy games, and the only foray into rpg you've had is zelda, and thats not even online, not saying that you should be playing MMORPG, i'm just saying play other types of games

  5. i definitely do: the game i've spent the most time on the past 6 months is Burnout Paradise (driving game). Heavy Rain soon will is an RPG-ey type of game. I also play a fair bit of adventure/puzzle games like Sam and Max, SBCG4AP, and World of Goo to name a few.

    Yes i lean mostly towards shooters and strategy games, but mostly that's because they're the majority of the big games that get released.

    I just hate MMORPGs, i don't see the point of an almost limitless game that you pour your time into, and in most cases money too.

    So I think i do play plenty of other types of games. Plus i'm really looking forward to some good old platforming with Sonic 4 later this year!


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