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Awesome Week

My week off was full of lazy awesomeness. I can proudly state that I truly took this week off from reality and the rest of the world.

For the most, i spent it playing games that i've been wanting to play through again for ages. These included both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games and Bioshock.

I said back in November when MW2 came out that I wanted to play through both games back-to-back to get a more objective opinion of MW2, and now after having done that, it reinforces my original opinion. MW2 is noticeably poorer in storyline believability, gameplay, and plain fun. I'm not really sure how they could have gone so wrong, but an overreaching storyline and passing off a console port as a PC game might be good starting points. "Not balanced for lean"?, yeah right.

Following those, I replayed Bioshock, which i thought was a good idea considering its sequel is also coming out in February. It was fantastic playing it through again. It's a reasonably long game, and the experience is so immersive, and truly suspenseful even the second time around. Great plot, fantastic execution. I'll forever associate the song "Beyond the sea" with the game in a very haunting way. It, along with HL2 and MW1 would have to be among the best FPSs in the past 5 years.

Like MW, it's hard to imagine how they're going to come close to matching it with the upcoming sequel.

So it's back to reality with work tomorrow :(.

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