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The Final Stage Is Set

It's been pretty much the consensus since the start of this indoor football season that it would be the last that we would play at the centre. I've been playing there for about 7 years now, so it's a little sad that it's coming to end.

However the bad refereeing (which ironically hasn't been too bad this season...) and the soaring costs means that we weren't going to continue on after this season.

So it is somewhat appropriate that we've had a largely successful final campaign to date. A week ago we finished the season's proper rounds in second position; the highest we've achieved since being promoted to division 3. On Sunday we played the semi-final against the same team that defeated us the week before, and won the game 2-1 when we only needed a draw.

So into the final we go, and it's only fitting that the last game at this indoor centre is a final. Even more fitting, it will be against the team that we've had so much history against. Yep, it's the team i also broke my foot playing against almost 5 years ago.

At least we don't have the pressure of 'the pattern' any more, after we broke that in the last final we played in over 18 months ago.

So the final stage is set. (<- see what I did there ;)) It's going to be an interesting day whatever happens, but here's hoping we go out with a bang.

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