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Birthday 2010

I got back from Sydney last night, I spent Wednesday through Friday down there for work. So that meant I spent most of the day of my birthday away from home. It's a first for me, and the day didn't turn out too well.

Other than not getting everything done for work that I wanted to, when I was walking to the train station from the office to go back to the airport it started bucketing down. Although I had an umbrella, that only kept my upper half dry. And carrying an overnight bag and a laptop bag didn't help.

Shoes and pants soggy, i eventually made it to the airport, and felt like getting a Maccas cheeseburger and an Oreo McFlurry to help dry off. That didn't turn out either, as despite people in the line before me getting ice-cream, the machine didn't want to pump out anymore for me. Downtrodden, went to the gate, and was informed there that the flight was running late. 45mins after the scheduled departure time we left.

So my birthday itself was pretty ordinary, but i'm going to make up for it this weekend.

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