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3D Star Wars, House Finishing, Ordinations

Lots of big events this week!

The first big one was a Star Wars movie back in theatres and in 3D no less. Yes, I know it was 'only' Episode I, and how much that is the worst Star Wars movie (no arguments there), but I still nevertheless enjoyed it. I'll never pass up an opportunity to see a Star Wars movie in the cinemas, and this was no exception.

Although the 3D projectors at the cinema I was watching it in I don't think were aligned properly (it was a little out of focus in 3D), it was definitely the best quality 2D-to-3D conversion that I have seen. The space battles and pod race were particularly good.

The next huge event was that on Friday our new house was officially certified, and thus now habitable. It's been a long long process (well it's at least felt like it), and now there's only a few minor things to finish before we move into it in the very near future.

Finally but by no means least, Saturday was a big event as the ordination of the now Deacon Andrew. It's great to see someone we've actually known and grown up with get married, and now also ordained. Congratulations and many years! 😀

2 thoughts on “3D Star Wars, House Finishing, Ordinations”

  1. I'm soo disappointed i missed the movie and it is exciting about moving in and wonderful news about Andrew. But you forgot also about another event, your anniversary.


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