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Birthday Goals & BF3

So begins the last year of my 20s. I'm really not looking forward leaving my 20s behind, so I guess i'm going to have to make the best of the year ahead.

My birthday yesterday went really well for the most part. I stayed up late the night before and kicked off my birthday watching Arsenal pummel Blackburn 7-1 with the cherry on top being a Thierry Henry Premier League goal. It's been a long long time since Arsenal won big like that (at least a season or two ago), so it was a really enjoyable game to watch. It's quite sad that these type of games are really the rare exception for Arsenal nowadays; in my rosy-tinted history glasses it seems like they used to do that at least once a month back in the glory days of the early 2000s.

As my birthday was on a Sunday, it also meant a game of indoor. I actually scored a birthday goal in the game, which unfortunately we ended up losing by a few goals.

Yesterday also saw me play BF3 online for the first time properly. It's a fair bit different to BC2, some of which I understand and can get used to but other parts of which had me seething with rage.

The little things like the weapon/equipment ordering being different which seems illogical to me I can get used to, but other things like the complete inability/bug to be able to 'spot' with a mouse button even though you can bind it to other keys in the settings is really inexcusable.

To be able to spot with a mouse button I've had to resort to running a separate program with the game which is in effect a key-interceptor, so that when I press the appropriate mouse button the program intercepts the command and then virtually presses the default spot button for me instead. It's quite astounding that I have to go to such lengths to do such a basic thing in the game.

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