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Getting Ready, Anniversary, Indoor

New RAMA lot has been happening accommodation-wise recently. The new house is rapidly being prepared, and that means we are cleaning and tidying up the unit in anticipation of putting it on the market in the near future.

It's really sad doing this though; we've loved living in this unit for the past five years, and i think it's going to be very emotional when we do actually move out.

For my birthday recently, one gift that I did get was some awesome new RAM for The Cannon. It's faster RAM and has awesome timings, and the blue heatsinks are just freaking awesome too :D.

Friday was also Des and I's fifth wedding anniversary. I really can't believe it's been five years since we got married. We marked the occasion by having dinner at Customs House in the city. It was the best meal i've had in ages, and the eye fillet steak was the best i've had in years: so tender, it just melted in your mouth *drool*.

Today indoor football started again at the newly opened centre at Albion. Although my fitness is absolutely shocking (i haven't done much exercise at all in the past three or four months), i really enjoyed having the ball at my feet again. I think we won 8-2, with me goal-keeping for much of the match.

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