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The Return of a Legend: Henry

I haven't blogged much about Arsenal (the English Football Club) in recent years, and I guess the lessened amount of blogging of the club that I support reflects their drop in the footballing hierarchy in the past five or so years.

However every now and then something special happens. This morning it was the return of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry on a short-term loan during the American football off-season. He hadn't played for Arsenal since 2007, and the hastily organised loan is meant to fill some of the striking deficiencies temporarily.

In watching the game on my computer this morning at the hour of 6am, the stage was set for him to come on as a substitute and score the winning goal. I'd be lying if I expected it to happen, but I was buzzing when it did!

Henry Scores again for Arsenal

When Henry scored (in that trademark way of his too), it was like time had been wound back ten years. I was eating breakfast whilst watching the game and almost spat out the cereal I had in my mouth all over my monitor and keyboard.

It's a bit like dreamland for Arsenal fans at the moment; the club's all-time top scorer and legend comes back after four years and increases his goal-tally by one to make it 227 goals and counting. Here's to a few more over the next 6 weeks.

Welcome home Thierry

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