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VMware Geekness, EPL, Cowboys and Aliens

VMware PlayerOther than for work, I've been playing around with virtual machines for quite a while. I use them mainly to test out operating systems that I am interested in, notably on this blog the release candidates for the previous two Windows releases. I also use them to try software and other stuff that might be dodgy so I don't expose my 'real' computer to threats.

I've been using VMware Workstation which is VMware's flagship and somewhat-costly product for workstation testing and trialling. However, I didn't know that sometime recently that VMware opened up their free 'Player' software to include a lot of the functionality of 'Workstation', including most importantly the ability to create virtual machines.

Only a few features of Workstation are now exclusive, most notably the ability to create snapshots of VMs. However I'll definitely be using the free Player from now on for all my home VM stuff.

Last night I watched my first game of EPL football legally online. Fox Sports has had a Premier League 'On Demand' online service for a while now, but it has previously only shown the crappier games whilst being too expensive and unreliable. It seems they've fixed most of that, as last night I watched the Arsenal v. Liverpool game and it was great quality (but the game and result was pretty crap). For $79 a season, and the ability to watch the weekly review show (which I have really missed since SBS lost the rights to air it), means that I think it's pretty good value.

In indoor today I had a great game; although we lost the game 6-2, I scored both goals and generally played the best i've played in a while. I even missed my first ever penalty: the keeper made a pretty good save to keep it out.

On Friday night we saw Cowboys and Aliens, which I was really looking forward to. It was a good movie without being great. Though I did think Harrison Ford was the best I've seen him in quite a while, he really suited his role. It's definitely worth watching, but nothing to write home about.

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