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Gaming Season 2010-2011 Begins

So we've now entered that magical time of the year I have term 'Gaming Season'. This is the time usually between October and February where most of the video-game publishers release their big titles of the year hoping to cash in on the pre and post Christmas spending.

Last year was a relatively dry one, with only a few decent titles out during the usual period. This year is looking more promising, and even better, a few of the big title's have been delayed to early next year, which means that the goodness is spread out a bit over time.… Read more →

The Great HD Betrayal

Crap Digital TVThings were going along nicely in the digital FTA TV world. TV Networks had HD broadcasts, they had started pushing extra content on a separate SD channel. Things were great.

Then they had the idea: wait a minute, we're simulcasting our normal channel in HD, when we could be using it for other stuff! Not entirely a bad idea.

The ABC scrapped it's HD ABC1 channel for a HD 24-hour news channel. Hmmm, now I can't watch Dr Who and Foreign Correspondent in high definition. That sucks, but it's not a disaster, a 24-hour FTA news channel isn't all that … Read more →

Football Returns

In my continuing journey back to some kind of good normalcy, in addition to the gaming I am now regularly partaking in, i've also played and watched football over the past few weeks.

I hadn't played a game of indoor since the final loss in March (the team disbanded after that game), but a few weeks ago and last weekend I filled in for another team.

It was really great being able to play again, i've really missed it. It was kind of weird because of how long it had been, but also because i'm so much different physically now … Read more →

Illness Update: Misdiagnosis(?)

I thought i'd post an update for everyone who is interested on the current status of my health condition. A little background for those who are unaware can be found here and here.

A fair bit has happened since then, and it is quite positive news.

The immunosuppressive steroid drugs that I was put on to treat the colitis following my hospital admissions unexpectedly also had a marked effect on improving my liver function. This was quite unexpected, as PSC (the condition that they thought I had) does not respond to any type of drugs.

Unfortunately, long term use … Read more →

Movies: Easy A, Scott Pilgrim

Easy AI've seen two movies this week, and it's the first time we've gone out to the movies since the whole health-shenanigans went down.

On Wednesday night we saw a preview screening of Easy A. I didn't realise that it was really preview, in that they even had security and confiscated our mobile phones for the session so that no-one could record any of it (the movie isn't properly released for another three weeks).

The movie itself was really good. Although sometimes I feel like i'm getting a little old to watch high-school films, the good ones make it worth … Read more →

Election 2010: Outcome Limbo

The past weekend was the Australian federal election. Most were expecting some kind of result on the night, and a lot are confused that there still isn't one.

For the first time since WWII, the election has failed to provide a clear winner in terms of a party or coalition controlling the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. Both Labor and the Coalition have been sitting on seventy-something seats, both short of the 76 needed, with all the power now looking likely to be controlled by 3 or 4 independent MPs.

It sure is interesting political times … Read more →

Broadband Becomes a Battleground

You wouldn't have predicted before this election campaign that broadband would turn out to be a decisive difference between the two major parties. The past few days has seen it become a central issue separating the government and opposition.

It has also seen the geek vote made a whole lot easier. Whilst both major parties are really sickening me at the moment, the Coalition has done it more-so. Their plan to scrap the NBN rollout and rely on a mish-mash of outdated technologies to offer an alternative to the NBN is an absolute joke of a policy. Added to that … Read more →

StarCraft II: Somewhat Underwhelmed

StarCraft II BoxThis might surprise some, but I never got into StarCraft when it was released almost 12 years ago. Back then I was a huge Total Annihilation (TA) fan, and shunned similar types of RTS games like StarCraft and Dark Reign. In my opinion TA was a much better product, and I still stand by that.

Fast forward almost 12 years and here we are. Three years ago TA's spiritual successor, Supreme Commander (SupCom) was a worthy heir to the TA legacy, but this year with Supreme Commander 2 it's RTS ideals were betrayed with the dumbing down of the … Read more →

Internode, ISP Value, Geek Election Issues

Internode logoOn Wednesday my ADSL transfer finally went through, and I am now connected to Internode as my ISP. It's been a long time coming, but i'm pretty happy that i'm finally on Internode now that they have a DSLAM in my exchange. It's probably the most geek-respected ISP in the country, and it means that I finally have unmetered access to Steam downloads, a good gaming network as well as a heap of other stuff.

I'm currently on the 'Easy Naked' plan, which means that i'm paying $60/month for 70GB of quota. This is significant because it's the first time … Read more →

iPod Nano & Flights

iPod Nano 5GI'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I got a new iPod recently. Since I bought my first, and previously only, iPod back in 2004 I turned off iPods mainly because of the iSheep mentality and the bloatware that is iTunes. However it does make me feel better that I didn't pay money for it: we got it from our credit card's rewards points program.

I got a blue 16GB Nano, and honestly it seems like a pretty good device even if it is somewhat overpriced. I am still using iTunes, but that's only because it is actually somewhat responsive now … Read more →