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Gaming Season 2010-2011 Begins

So we've now entered that magical time of the year I have term 'Gaming Season'. This is the time usually between October and February where most of the video-game publishers release their big titles of the year hoping to cash in on the pre and post Christmas spending.

Last year was a relatively dry one, with only a few decent titles out during the usual period. This year is looking more promising, and even better, a few of the big title's have been delayed to early next year, which means that the goodness is spread out a bit over time.

Here are the main games I aiming to get:

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 - October 13
Medal of Honor - October 14
The Force Unleashed 2 - October 29
Call of Duty: Black Ops - November 9
Sonic Colours - November 11
Time Crisis - November 11 (?)
Donkey Kong Country Returns - December 3(?)
Little Big Planet 2 - January (?)
Portal 2 - February 9
Crysis 2 - March 25(?)

So i've just bought Sonic 4:Ep1 (haven't had much chance to play it yet though...), and Medal of Honor is on it's way via import (thank you strong AUD, and stuff you local distributors and retailers for continuously ripping us off).

Here's to a good season.

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