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Football Returns

In my continuing journey back to some kind of good normalcy, in addition to the gaming I am now regularly partaking in, i've also played and watched football over the past few weeks.

I hadn't played a game of indoor since the final loss in March (the team disbanded after that game), but a few weeks ago and last weekend I filled in for another team.

It was really great being able to play again, i've really missed it. It was kind of weird because of how long it had been, but also because i'm so much different physically now than I was six months ago.

I'm about 13 kilos lighter now than I was back then, so I don't have nearly as much 'weight' (ha literally) in terms of throwing myself around and going into challenges. I'm of course also much more unfit. I was pretty unfit before, but now it's ridicoulous! I could barely make one burst of running before almost keeling over for breath.

The games really took it out of me, but it was in a good way. After the first game a few weeks ago, the days after were the sorest i've been following games/exercise. I definitely felt muscles I didn't know even existed. Strangely, after playing this past Sunday i wasn't too sore at all these last few days.

The new English Premier League season has also just started. I've watched a few of the Arsenal games, and all i've seen have have been wins, so i've been pretty happy.

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