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Movies: Easy A, Scott Pilgrim

Easy AI've seen two movies this week, and it's the first time we've gone out to the movies since the whole health-shenanigans went down.

On Wednesday night we saw a preview screening of Easy A. I didn't realise that it was really preview, in that they even had security and confiscated our mobile phones for the session so that no-one could record any of it (the movie isn't properly released for another three weeks).

The movie itself was really good. Although sometimes I feel like i'm getting a little old to watch high-school films, the good ones make it worth it (plus most of the time the actors portraying the high-schoolers are in their mid or late twenties anyway). The movie was very funny and witty, and dare i say it, even somewhat original.

The other movie we saw was Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This was a really weird film, but 'weird' in a really good way.

From the awesome 8-bit Universal Studios opening right at the start of the movie, the comic-book/video-game theme of the movie was great (totally aimed at me demographic-wise!). I'm not that big of a fan of Michael Cera, but I guess he was ok in this role (but surely they could have cast someone better?). It's definitely worth watching as long as you don't have epilepsy.

Oh, and how many freaking Culkin's are there in acting?! I thought there was just Macaulay and the other younger one that was in Signs, but apparently there's another one in this movie too. The poor guys all look the same though; cute kids they were, but as adults... :S

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