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Election 2010: Outcome Limbo

The past weekend was the Australian federal election. Most were expecting some kind of result on the night, and a lot are confused that there still isn't one.

For the first time since WWII, the election has failed to provide a clear winner in terms of a party or coalition controlling the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. Both Labor and the Coalition have been sitting on seventy-something seats, both short of the 76 needed, with all the power now looking likely to be controlled by 3 or 4 independent MPs.

It sure is interesting political times at the moment, as no-one really knows which major party is going to form the minority government, or if this can or will be sustainable in the short, medium, or long term over the next 3 year term. Many are predicting another election in the near future to try and get a more conclusive outcome.

To me this result shows how much both major parties are alike these days. Both steering a course straight down the centre of politics with only slight leanings to either side. Rather than trying to win over people leaning a certain way, they instead attempt to not alienate the major minority hovering around the middle.

The problem is that over the long term, in my opinion this eventually pleases nobody and disgruntles most.

So now we wait to see where the suddenly-powerful independents will cast their lot (at least in the short term). If one positive thing we can draw out of this is that since nearly all of the independents come from regional areas, a decent broadband policy is one of their top priorities. Hopefully no matter which side will form the Government, both with have a decent NBN or NBN-like plan that we can all look forward to, including our regionally-based compatriots which have suffered more than most under the internet tyranny that is a privatised Telstra.

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