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New Year, New USB Drive

USB DrivesSo begins another year, and if you're counting, 2013 marks the beginning of my 10th (!) year maintaining this blog. Wow. I feel old, and marking another decade of existence next month isn't making me feel any younger!

The other day I bought a new USB drive. Along with my WD Passport external hard drive, my Sandisk Titanium USB drive is probably the oldest piece of technology that I'm still using (at 4.5 years old).

For it's replacement, I went for the Sandisk USB3 32GB Extreme.ย Pictured are it with my last 2 USB drives. Over 10 years, this new one marks the 4th drive I've been through. In chronological order: 256MB (2004), 1GB (2006), 4GB (2007), and now 32GB.

It's quite amazing the performance USB3 is allowing these little things to do. I personally witnessed the new drive reading at 170MB/s and writing at about 90MB/s (benchmark and review websites have seen it meet and exceed its specified 190/110 read/write specification). Needless to say, that's starting to get into SSD territory there.

The big inconvenience for me is that the only USB3 ports I have on the aging Cannon are at the back of my computer (when I built the Cannon, USB3 was only starting to emerge), so unless I really need the 'extreme' performance, I'll still be pushing USB2 to the limits (which this drive certainly does).

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