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More New Boots & Storage Purchases

Well that week went quick. Other than the usual work, I made some unexpected purchases in the past few days.

As alluded to in the last entry, I ended up going and buying another pair of new indoor boots after the last new pair proved unsatisfactory. The new(er) pair i bought was a silver pair of Lottos, and although I don't like the silver colour, they fit my foot really well. The boots seem a bit fragile, so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't last me even a year, but here's hoping.

I played the first game in them tonight, which we ended up losing a really tight contest 2-1. Again, the ref didn't really have a great game with several really bad calls against both sides. The shoes were mostly fine, i'll just have to wear them in now.

WD Passport DriveThe other two things i bought were geeky data storage items. The first was a Western Digital 160GB 'Passport' portable hard drive (pictured) to take over portable backup duties from my iPod. Part of the negotiations with the Minister for Finance (Despina) which allowed me to acquire these items was that she would get the iPod for herself (I've hardly used it for music in the past year anyway).

The other item was a new 4GB Sandisk Titanium Cruzer Micro USB drive to replace my other USB drive which will also go to Despina. I bought the old 1GB one barely a year ago for the same price that I just paid for the 4GB 'titanium' one, which truly shows you how quickly prices change in the IT industry.

Other than that, nothing really exciting has happened recently; unless you count a potential future-prime minister of this country admitting he went to a strip club in New York whilst on a government-paid visit to represent Australia at the UN as 'exciting'. lol

5 thoughts on “More New Boots & Storage Purchases”

  1. a surprising admission instead than sticking the knife in, but you can't really compare the two.

    Nelson as an adolescent in his 20s thirty years ago, before he was a politician: fair enough; he's young and immature.

    Rudd in his 40s being an elected representative also representing his country at the UN in New York: unacceptable for a person in his position at the time, which reflects on his position now barely 4 years on.

  2. but do you expect a MP to be on call 24/7 he is still a person. personaly i dont see the big deal yes he was over their representing our country but he did what he was expected to do and then decided to relax and go out with some of the new people he just met and went to a strip club. no biggie if we can have a beer skulling champion as one of our prime ministers then why not just a normal guy with normal urges. hehe prime like optimus prime ... sorry i just relised that and now i think that prime ministers should be hairy apes like from beast wars.

  3. I think the real question is: "What would Optimus Prime do?"

    I can't see Optimus Prime (beast wars or not) getting wasted and going to robot strip joints on his day off. Bumblebee on the other hand... lol


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