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Medal of Honor: Reboot Disappointment

Medal of HonorI had high hopes for the recently released Medal of Honor reboot. After the disaster that was Medal of Honor: Airborne a few years ago (see my opinions of that here and here), the stuff put out from EA on the reboot for the MoH franchise looked really promising.

I bit the bullet and imported the new Medal of Honor from the excellently-priced (thank you strong AUD!), and i've got to say that I was really disappointed by this game.

The single player was so very short (i don't think i even topped 5 hours finishing it), and the plot was so razor-thin and soul-less i still don't understand what they were really thinking releasing this.

The whole single-player campaign felt like a random mash-up of being dropped in random Afghani locations and shooting any Arab-looking guy in a turban (which was pretty much everyone not in your squad). That may be exactly how it is in Afghanistan at the moment, but make for an entertaining game it does not. The level designs were terrible, the AI was artificial but definitely not intelligent, and overall it was pretty forgettable.

There wasn't anything memorable at all about the game, and the sour taste from the completely underwhelming single-player campaign means that I doubt i'll even touch the multiplayer when BC2 is still so entertaining.

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