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The Best and Worst of 2007

I've been wanting to do this entry for a while: a critical wrap of 2007's entertainment from my own point of view. This isn't really an overarching 'best and worst' of every single release of the year, but moreso a 'best and worst' of that which i saw/played/purchased myself.


Best Movie: Transformers

This was one of the easier decisions. Easily, easily the best movie of 2007 was Transformers. If you ignore the product placements, this movie was a masterpiece. As i said after i watched it, it was a perfect balance of comedy and action, it didn't require any previous knowledge to enjoy the story. It was (and still is) a joy to watch, and quite an unexpected surprise for one of the major 'blockbuster' movies of the year.

Worst Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Again this was an easy, easy decision. Few movie franchises that I had once adored have left me with such a bitter taste in my mouth than i had after i watched this movie.

I absolutely loved the original Pirates movie for the same reasons i loved Transformers above: it was fun, easy to follow, actioned packed, and just plain enjoyable. At World's End was the opposite of what i enjoyed about the first Pirates movie: it was a dark and depressing plot (starting off with the killing of children and ending with the deaths of several major characters), it had such a friggin convoluted plot it gave the Matrix story a run for its money, the action seemed spread far between it's excessive running time, and overall i found it not enjoyable at all.

Let's just hope they don't go the same way with the inevitable Transformers sequels.

PC Games

I was going to do the Wii games as well, but upon thinking about it, i pretty much like all the Wii games that i've bought, so it wouldn't really be a 'best and worst' per-se, but more of a 'awesome and slightly-less-awesome', which is kind of pointless.

Anywho! To the awards:

Best PC Game: The Orange Box

This was a tough decision, because i know that The Orange Box isn't really one game but a collection of 5 separate games. But in terms of single releases, this purchase has by far provided me with the best experience of the year, mainly because I have never played any of the Half Life games before getting The Orange Box, and Portal was also fantastic too.

Close runner-ups for this award include Unreal Tournament 3 which is by far my best multiplayer game of the year, and Bioshock, not only because it is an awesome game but also because it was a big game not released during the October-December period like all the other big games ;).

Honourable mentions also to Call of Duty 4 which was my surprise package of the year, and also the first season of Sam & Max.

Worst PC Game: Medal of Honor: Airborne

Out of all the PC games that I have bought this year, this was pretty much the worst. Other than my troubles of actually installing the game, the shortness of the game and historical inaccuracies made this WWII shooter pretty bad. See the Zero Punctuation video review for my almost exact feelings of the game.

Honorable mentions for this award include Lost Planet and the buggy parts of Crysis.

Well that's it. Look forward to my year in review entry tomorrow, hopefully i'll be able to make it because today i've felt pretty crap, like i've got a cold or something. Just my luck too, first Christmas and now New Year's!

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