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Sore & Airborne POS EA!!

Day 5 of NaBloPoMo 2007

Medal of Honor: AirborneI can't believe how sore I am in my upper body today. Other than my corked right thigh, my legs are fine. But my arms especially are really really sore.

Pushing and pulling open doors at work had me wincing in pain, and i can tell you that i'm definitely not looking forward to shaving tomorrow morning.

Well after all my winging about not having any new games to play recently, one of the PC games that i ordered from overseas finally arrived today. Unfortunately it wasn't the Orange Box that I was hoping for, but i finally received my Medal of Honor(sic): Airborne(sic). hehe i love jabbing at American 'english' spelling.

Airborne is probably one the least games that I was looking forward to in the game wave of this month, but i'm not complaining at finally getting something new to play.

So I went to install it and after entering the game's serial key, i got... nothing. So i tried again... and again... and tried restarting the computer and trying again... still nothing.

The piece of crap wouldn't install. I was pretty angry at this point at having paid good money for a game from THE biggest game publisher in the world (EA), and it wouldn't even *insert expletive* install.

After trawling around the internet and the forums i eventually found that the problem was that the Airborne installer wouldn't get going if the computer had a newer version of the Ageia physics platform then the one that was bundled with the game. So in order for me to get Airborne to install i had to first uninstall my newer version of Ageia and let the Airborne installer install the older version.

Un-*insert expletive*-believable.

I struggle to comprehend how a company with revenue in excess of $2.951 billion USD (according to Wikipedia) can make such a stupid *insert expletive* mistake that literally stops the consumer from using their product.

Anyways, i'll stop my inserting of expletives. I haven't had much time to play the game just yet, but hopefully the game itself isn't as arduous as the install process. But from some reviews, especially this one from the awesome reviewer that is Yahtzee, i can't help but expect the worst...

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