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The End of Uni & Broken Foot

Well, I don't know where to begin. What a past few days. *Warning: long post*

Just to let everyone know, I have broken my foot, so that's probably why you won't be seeing me much anytime soon. But more on that later.

Saturday was my last ever uni exam. That's it for uni. No more uni. I've got to say that finishing uni was a little depressing. The exam was at 2:30, and I went in there around 10ish so I could study for it in the library. Sitting in one of the study cartels in the library, I was thinking to myself: 'wow, after doing this for almost 5 years for every exam time, this will be the last time I have to do this.'

Walking out of the library for the last time, it was a little emotional. Didn't put much effort into the actual exam, I only needed 6.5/40 to pass the course and 1.5/40 to get a 3 to graduate. Did what I could, and actually stayed for the whole two hours.

Walked out of the exam and, looking around uni for one of the last times, said my own little goodbye. Reflecting on the whole uni experience, although it did not start off too well (I didn't enjoy my first semester at all), the rest was generally not too bad at all. I greatly enjoyed the lifestyle, and it will take a little shaking off.

Went straight from uni to Despina's house because it was just after 5, and Church started at 6, so it wasn't worth going home. We had a voucher for the newly reopened Cafe 21 at the Treasury, so we had planned to go and eat their fantastic steak with chips and a caesar salad to celebrate the end of uni after Church had finished.

So after Church, everyone else decided to come along and celebrate with me, which was absolutely great. I had a really good time, so thanks to everyone who came along. Me and Despina also actually forgot to use the voucher! Picture below, not really focused though.

End of uni celebration

Sunday was the big derby game at indoor soccer: Nick's team, which I play for, against Jack's (Nick's brother) team. The game was terrible in so many ways. Firstly, we were getting absolutely walloped, conceding a lot of very very poor and weak goals. Easily the worst we've played since I've been playing for the team. And secondly, well... I broke my foot.

It was in the second half, and I can't really remember why, but for some reason I jumped vertically to avoid something. The way I landed wasn't really ideal: my left foot came down first, and I made the mistake of having my foot pointed, probably because that was the foot I jumped with. Because my foot was pointed, I came down on the outside edge of the foot, and then completely rolled my ankle with the full weight of my body as I hit the ground.

As my ankle rolled, I heard two distinct cracks, and then ended up on my back. Then the pain hit me, like fire on the inside of my ankle. Writhing on the floor in pain, the ref stopped the game, and the others helped remove my boot. Got off the field, and although it got a little better, it was still incredibly painful.

I kept ice on it, and Eleni (who luckily came along) drove me and Despina back to my place where we decided to go to the hospital to get x-rays. Went to the Mater, and got x-rays, waited a while, and then they came back and wanted me to have another round of x-rays.

The doctor eventually came back and informed me that I had broken my foot. I broke off part of the bone on the outside of the foot toward the heel (see the x-ray below). He told us that if I had broken it a few centimetres toward the toes, they would have had to operate and pin it together, but where it was broken, all I need to do is stay off it for 3-4 weeks, and then they'll x-ray it again to see if it is healing.

Broken Foot!
(Click for full image)

This is my first ever serious sporting injury after playing various sports for over 14 years, so I guess that isn't such a bad record. So that's it: lots and lots of pain. Not being able to properly walk around is really inconvenient, and using crutches really sucks. I've almost fallen down the stairs on three separate occasions.

Didn't get a good sleep last night, because the foot still really hurts. I have been keeping the foot up all day and night. The doctor said that I didn't really need a cast, and that bandaging would be enough to prevent it from unnecessary movement. See below.

Broken Foot!

Ah well, c'est la vie.

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