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The Pattern Breaks: Champions Again

This afternoon we played our second successive indoor final. As previously mentioned, i've had quite a pattern going on when it comes to finals, so I had expected to lose this one, not only because of the pattern, but also because our opposition was pretty good. Below is a pretty good action shot (that's me keeping).

Indoor final action shot

It was a very tight game. They scored quite a lucky/awesome goal to take the lead, but Eric finished off a very nice equaliser. At the end of the first half I was on the floor after being palmed in the face.

The second half was as tight as the first; I ended up getting totally wiped out: as I was blocking a shot i stepped on the ball and fell forward and hit the ground with a bit of force. I felt my spine bend sideways and my head whiplash/ragdoll as I hit the ground. I just laid there for a while making sure I hadn't slipped a disc or broken anything.

I eventually got up and goal-kept the rest of the game. Ben scored an awesome goal to win the game about 5 minutes from time, and we held out the game from there. There was some nervous moments near the end as I almost fumbled the ball into our own goal, and Eric unnecessarily lost the ball a few times deep in our half.

So the pattern is well and truly broken. Our grand final record now stands at win-loss-win-loss-win--WIN.

Strangely, our premiership mugs aren't actually engraved: they are just a plain version of the big beer mug, which is slightly disappointing.

2 thoughts on “The Pattern Breaks: Champions Again”

  1. Thanks! But man am i sore today. My neck is killing me from the fall, and my arms are also extremely sore from spending most of the game goal-keeping.

    I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, usually my aches and pains get the sorest two days after the game...


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