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Easing Into Gaming Season: Warhead & de Blob

Crysis: WarheadSince the huge game wave that was the latter part of last year, other than Smash Bros. and the occasional Telltale Games episodic, nothing really much has been released since January that has really interested me game-wise.

So we're coming into game season now, and i've recently gotten the expansion to last year's epic Crysis, Crysis: Warhead. I enjoyed it, but for me it was much of the same as the original, which you can't really complain about considering it is an expansion.

Unfortunately, what also was the same was the general buginess of the game that I experienced last year. The same clip issues still plagued the game, and it killing the graphics driver while loading stages was pretty frustrating. The story was pretty good and much better than the original, and the British 'Psycho' character is leagues better than 'Nomad' from the original game.

de BlobThe other game i got was de Blob for the Wii. It's a pretty original, fun and well-polished game. Most reviewers are saying it is one of the best third-party games to come to the Wii in ages, and i'm inclined to agree with them. Even more impressive is that it was developed by an Australian games studio, Blue Tongue (who btw have seriously got to redevelop their website!).

Although this year's season is not quite the 'wave' that last year's was, it is still frustrating that all the highly anticipated games seem to be released at the same time every year. You have so much new stuff to play at one time, and then nothing new for months and months.

Among that titles that I am anticipating this season is Sonic Unleashed, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Call of Duty: World at War, and GTA4 on PC to name a few. All those games (and many more) are all being released in October and November. I must start saving...

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