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The Game Wave

As we approach the end of the year (is it really already???), another thing that is also approaching is an almost tidal wave wave of massive gaming titles. I'll call it 'The Game Wave'.

Starting really from this week and continuing well into next year is the continual release of some truly epic games that many have been looking forward to for years; and i'm only really taking into consideration games that i'll be purchasing for the PC and Wii; i almost feel sorry for the bank accounts for those who also own Playstation 3s and XBox 360s!

Anyway i'll list below the games in the near future that i will be buying.

The Orange Box- The Orange Box: This isn't one game, but a collection of games. Critics are calling this one of the best value game purchases ever. Published by Valve, the main focus of The Orange Box is the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2, which also includes re-releases of the previous Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: Episode 1. I only played Half Life for the first time recently, so i'm looking forward to playing through those.

In addition to that they are also including Team Fortress 2 (a fun multiplayer FPS), as well as new game Portal, which also looks so wickedly cool.

The Orange Box will be released in Australia next week, and I hope to have my copy that i've ordered from Hong Kong around the same time.

Crysis- Crysis: This has to been one of the most anticipated, most (over-?)hyped games ever. I remember Michael showing me screen shots and getting excited about it over two years ago! When i was building my computer 6 months ago, there were multiple threads on Whirlpool of people who wanted to build a 'Crysis Rig' even though there was no release date or published system requirements back then.

But nevertheless, i'll probably be getting it. 😉

UT3- Unreal Tournament 3: Due out at almost the same time as Crysis is another stellar release three years in the making. As a sequel to the ever-popular UT2004, this is definitely another must-have PC release.

- Sam and Max Season 2: Also starting in November is the second season of the awesome episodicness that is Sam and Max. This time i'll be playing each episode as it comes out rather than waiting until the end of the season and playing it all at once.

That rounds off the PC, and those are only the games that i'll definitely be buying. There are other big ones, such as Call of Duty 4, that are going to be massive releases which I haven't quite decided on whether i'll buy or not

Now to the Wii:

Lego Star Wars- Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga: I've always wanted to play the Lego Star Wars games, but despite good reviews and demos that were heaps fun, i never got around to buying. I'll definitely be getting this one for the Wii.

- Super Mario Galaxy: I'm not 100% sold on this one, but it does look like a lot of fun, and i'm pretty sure Despina will enjoy it.

Sonic in Brawl- Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Although this is a little further on the horizon, i originally wasn't planing on getting this. This week however, they announced that Sonic was going to be in it (accompanied by an awesome video of Sonic whooping Mario's butt), and that sold me awesomely. Having a game in which Sonic and Mario will actually be able to directly fight each-other is the dream of every early-nineties console gamer.

So as you can see, that's quite a list, and it might even be added to (i have a feeling that i'm forgetting something). So you know from now if you don't see me for a few months... 😉

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