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Non-Compulsory Blogging: Crysis Finished & Ankle Owes

Well it's good being able to blog whenever i feel like now that NaBloPoMo is over.

It's been a pretty good few days around here. Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree, and I spent that afternoon finishing off Crysis.

My experience with Crysis was a bug-filled one. Although the game was mesmerising in terms of the graphics and enjoyable gameplay, there were many, many bugs in the game that almost ruined the experience for me. It being an EA published game doesn't help it's reputation (EA being notoriously known for releasing rushed and buggy games to cash in on well-known game franchises it's acquired).

The most obvious bug was when an enemy tank inexplicably went from it's normal position on the ground to floating about 20 metres in the air slightly rotated towards one side firing it's machine gun wildly. That type of thing was littered throughout the game for me, although other friends have reported better experiences.

The storyline left something to be desired (especially the inconclusive ending), but i'm not sure if they're planning on releasing an expansion/sequel for it to continue the story.

Today we played an early game of indoor at 11am. The team were were up against was the one that unceremoniously walked off before the end of our last match last season.

They played a lot cleaner today, and match turned out to be a good one, with us leading, then losing, before running out the game convincing 8-4 winners. I started off the game really well, setting up an awesome chance and then scoring the first goal.

After that i managed to badly roll my left ankle whilst all by myself on the ball. I did it pretty bad too, i had to quickly go off because of the pain. This was the first time i had rolled my left ankle since i broke that foot over two years ago doing a similar thing. I iced the ankle and played a little more of the game.

I don't think i've done any bad damage to it (there definitely weren't any snap, crackle, or pops :)), but it sure is going to hurt tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to that...

2 thoughts on “Non-Compulsory Blogging: Crysis Finished & Ankle Owes”

  1. Dude, you've gotta get some sort of ankle brace or something, or that foot of yours is going to be replaced with a prosthetic one!

    Also, I LOVE putting up the Christmas tree!!

  2. i do wear ankle brace every time I play, which is probably why it's taken me two years to roll it again.

    A prosthetic foot would be cool, as long it allows me to kick the ball with such force that it would rupture the space-time continuum! bwahahahahaha!


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