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Champions: The Pattern Continues

Indoor ChampionsToday I played in our indoor division's grand final, and as you can tell from the title, we emerged victorious!

It was a tight game in muggy conditions, and it showed on both teams. The pace of the game made it not feel like a grand final match, as it was played a bit slow and without too much energy.

I felt it pretty bad, as I had to sub off quite a few times throughout the match. We were never behind in the game, and at half time we were 2-1 ahead, although we should have had more and our defending was also generally pretty poor. Also, our second goal really shouldn't have been one because one of our players was subbing whilst another took a free kick to start a play that finished in another well-taken goal by Ben.

The ref is not one that I like too much and should have really had a more authoritative presence, so I could understand the other team's protests and frustrations.

In the second half i played awesome if I do say so myself. I scored a goal to make it 3-1: latching onto a good wide pass from Eric and hammering an awesome shot over the keeper's head for it to go in off the underside of the crossbar. I had a few other really good efforts that were saved by their keeper too.

They eventually got another weak goal, and after I rolled my right ankle I had to see out the final few minutes on the bench. It was nervous final few minutes, but some awesome keeping from Elliot and some good holding play saw us close out the game 3-2 winners.

So i'm pretty happy with that, and it continues the pattern of grand finals for me. With this latest one it's now: win-loss-win-loss--WIN. Obviously it's a pattern that I hope to break in the next indoor grand final that i'm in ;).

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