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Runners Up

Today was the Grand Final of the indoor football season. Surprisingly, today I was able to play. As mentioned before i probably wasn't going to play because I hadn't played 5 games for the team in the normal season because of me braking my foot, and thus couldn't play in the finals. However it turned out that we were playing Nick's brother's team (who I broke my foot playing against), who consented for me to play.

Runners Up MugWe lost the game 7-4 after throwing the game away twice. They got up two goals before we came back to be level 3-3. However, in the second half one of our players was absolutely taken out by a late and brash challenge, and then threw a punches at the guy who tackled him. He was, in my opinion, deservedly sent-off, and left us with a man down, with only 4 players. After conceding a few more goals we got back to within a point of them, and still had a chance of nipping the game before someone basically gifted them a goal and that was game over. My "Runners Up' mug is pictured.

I really don't know why this blog has had so many hits in the last few days, at the current moment the last past has had over a hundred views.

Although in the last few days I've had more than enough to blog about, as usual I really can't think of any of it right at this moment.

8 thoughts on “Runners Up”

  1. No, they're definitely not unique hits, but 120 views is still pretty unusual compared all my other entries of late that have been up for 4 or so days...

  2. Andrew - Yeah, could be. Just viewing and adding a comment is a minimum of 3 views (i.e. 1. the first view, 2. pressing 'Add Comment' and typing a comment, and 3. then submitting it)

    Con - Different and totally unrelated situations

  3. without wanting to get too picky, there aren't 30 comments on that entry...
    (btw, they all seem to have gone up quite a bit in the last couple of days...) a/s

  4. wouldn't you be able to tell because of the thingo? or, at least, the ip addys are the same? *shrug* not that i'm the expert or anything... a/s


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