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UT3 Finally Arrives

Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Edition CoverI have conquered the postal service telepathic annoyance beams (at least for the time-being): today i finally received my Limited Collector's Edition of Unreal Tournament 3.

I've really gotten sick of waiting for stuff sent from Hong Kong to arrive, i guess it serves me right for saving so much money. The only other shipment i'm now waiting for is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and i don't really care how long that takes to arrive, i've got plenty of others to play through before it does.

After that arrives, i guess that's it for the game wave purchases. I think in a few weeks i'll tally up which games I actually bought and how much it ended up costing me. I'm not looking forward to that total...

So i've played a bit of UT3, and it feels very familiar to UT2004, which is a good thing because UT2004 was, and still is, a fantastic game. I can see many hours spent on this one, but it's one of those games which you can leave and come back to at any time and still enjoy. I think Lego Star Wars and Mario Galaxy are still sitting there next to the Wii... 😉

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