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Telepathic Annoyance Beams

Time for a whiney entry.

Work is going to suck over the next few weeks. It's mainly because we have a few really important projects coming up, which means that at least for the next few weeks we'll have to be in on weekends to implement them because we have to take most of the servers down.

And again i'm bummed out about waiting for a game. It absolutely sucks: it seems that the postal service has a telepathic annoyance beam which has direct access to my brain: they can tell in advance which parcels i'm really intent on receiving quickly, and then they delay them just to tick me off!

I'm not kidding either: the games that i didn't really mind if they took a while in coming have arrived within a week of them shipping. The games that i want ASAP take forever to arrive (case in point Orange Box).

Now it's me waiting for Unreal Tournament 3, and it's been a week and a half and it still hasn't arrived. With my luck it'll chuck an 'orange box' and i'll not get it till after New Years. Damn you postal service annoyance beam!! *shakes fist in the air*

And i'm 100% sure that it has nothing at all to do with the increase in postage volumes now that we've entered the Christmas period; a telepathic annoyance beam is a much more sensible reason 😉

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  1. The public stance of expressly prohibits software piracy in all it's forms, as well but not limited to also paying the same retail price for a legally downloaded version of the game, which of course only increases the evil video-game publisher's profit margin.

    This post is the personal view of the author and not that of or it's shareholders.

    Oh wait...


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