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Sore Losers

It's been a funny sort of week: stuff happened but i'll be stuffed if i can remember much of it now!

Yesterday I spend most of the day implementing a PHP photo gallery for the Church's Bribie Island website that I had developed earlier this year. Now all it needs is some photos to put in it.

The highlight (or lowlight...) of the weekend was this morning's indoor game. Today was the last game before the finals, and it was us as the top team on the table playing the second-placed team. We had whooped them 15-0 earlier in the season, but were expecting a much tougher challenge today.

We were right, because from the outset they were determined to give us no time on the ball, and didn't seem to mind taking out some player if it got in front of the ball. It was quite annoying, they played extremely rough: basically kicking us off the ball throughout the game, but not always obviously enough for the ref to call it on most occasions. I was quite surprised none of them got any cards.

By half-time they had a 2-0 lead, me being stupidly responsible for their first goal, which should have seen me have a golden opportunity at scoring, except it ended up with them hitting the back of the net on the opposite end of the court.

We were patient, and eventually clawed back to 2-2 with Eric scoring a quite spectacular equaliser. It looked like the game was heading for a draw, with them content to sit back and have a kick/push/shove/shirt-pull whenever we got the ball around them.

Our patience paid off: i netted an extremely satisfying goal with about two minutes left after one of their passes went awry to make it 3-2. We scored another goal to top off an extremely hard-fought win with about 30 seconds left. After that goal, half of their team just walked off! They didn't bother sticking around to play the last 30 seconds or shake our hands afterwards.

I've played a lot of football games, and i struggle to think of many where most of an opposition team don't stay on the court to finish a game that they've lost, let alone not shake hands of the end of a game. I've been in a fair few games when there's actually been fights started, and both sides still had the respect to shake hands at the end of it (with a one person exception for myself).

But that's what usually happens when teams come out and try to play a rough/violent game and not have it go their way. I'm glad that we didn't retaliate at their insistent prodding throughout the match, because that's what those type of teams are wanting. If you just ignore them and play your game normally they get even more pissed off, which i think is what happened today (especially when you end up beating them!). They were the personification of sore losers.

Depending on how the other results go, we might end up playing the same team next week in the semi-finals, and that would definitely make for an interesting match after today's shenanigans.

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